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Holiday Lets Whitby And How To Manage Them For Best Results

Holiday lets Whitby wide are much sought after by holidaymakers. Not only does this seaside town have a long history of tourism, beginning in the Georgian period, but it’s still popular with visitors today for its association with the literary novel Dracula. Even more attractive to a huge variety of visitors is its heritage coastline and close proximity to the North York Moors National Park. Investing in holiday lets North Yorkshire wide is always a shrewd move, and Whitby is no exception. However, to maximise the rental income you can expect from your property, there are a number of factors for success. Here, we look at what they are.

One Key To Successful Holiday Lettings Is The Right Marketing

It’s easy to assume you can achieve full occupancy of any holiday cottages to let in Whitby you might own, especially throughout the summer months. Owners tend to over-estimate the income they will receive from their properties. But to successfully maximise revenue from private holiday lets in Whitby, a lot of hard work goes into filling that availability calendar with bookings. Unless you’re targeting a particular niche market (the eco-friendly or older couples, for instance), you’ll want to advertise your property as widely as possible. The growth of the internet means there’s a huge number of lettings sites online just waiting for your advert, but working out which will get the best results for you is often a matter of trial and error. Then there’s tailoring the listing to meet the requirements of each holiday lettings site, which can be time-consuming. Some demand payment, others are free. Simply managing the listings alone can be a full-time job. Next, there’s your copy. The words you use to describe your property need to be expertly written to sell the best of the benefits and appeal to the kinds of guests you want. Top-class photography is another important factor. We all now tend to think we’re David Bailey with the cameras on our point-and-shoot smartphones, but really, these kinds of photos are not enough to make your property stand out from the crowd. Booking an expert photographer who can not only show off your holiday lets Whitby based to best effect but also demonstrate the kind of holiday experience your guests are likely to appreciate is essential.

When Guests Arrive At Holiday Lets Near Whitby, They Expect Perfection

Having secured the bookings, you can’t do anything about the weather or change the location of your holiday lets near Whitby, but one thing you absolutely must do is ensure that your guests’ stay is as comfortable as possible. That brings with it a huge list of responsibilities. It starts when you first plan on letting your property out to holidaymakers. Here, you’ll need an eye for style when it comes to the décor to ensure it attracts the right kind of clientele. There also should be everything a vacationing family would need to feel like they were in a home-from-home for the duration of their holiday, and that involves attention to even the minutest detail. From freshly laundered bed linen to a kitchen drawer that’s stocked with a corkscrew and the right number of knives and forks, everything must be checked from the outset and re-checked between parties of guests staying. There will be a whole host of tasks to remember on an ongoing basis. These might involve everything from ensuring portable appliances are annually PAT tested to cleaning after each group of guests has gone and regularly painting over scuff marks on walls. This will all keep your holiday lets Whitby UK based in perfect order for your next booking. You must also be on hand to deal with any emergencies. Say the boiler won’t work or there’s an annoying dripping tap. Your guests might accidentally lock themselves out of their property and need to gain access late at night. In short, you must be ready for anything!

Too Complicated? Hire A Property Management Company To Manage Holiday Lets Whitby Area

If all this sounds like too much responsibility for you, there’s always the option of hiring a property management company to do all the work on your holiday lets Whitby area for you. You may balk at the cost of this, thinking you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost. But you need to offset the time you would have to spend getting up to speed with property management,and then doing the day-to-day work, with the charge the company makes. You will probably find that, because of their experience, economies of scale, expert services, and network of useful contacts, your bookings rise in quantity. You’ll also doubtless be able to charge more, especially at peak periods, because a great property management company has the know-how to ensure each group of guests’ stay is perfect. And this will increase the chances of repeat bookings because, with a good reputation from online review sites, your property stands more chance of getting noticed and booked more frequently too. All this means that, although you will be paying for their expert services, hiring a property management company will actually improve the revenue you receive from your holiday homes. If you’re looking for the right levels of expertise, attention to detail and reasonable charges, you don’t need to look any further than Host North Yorkshire. Part of a wider group of companies that invests in and manages holiday lets Whitby wide and Yorkshire as a whole, Host North Yorkshire has over 25 years’ experience in the industry and a reputation to match.

Maximise The Potential Of Your Holiday Lets Whitby Wide With Host North Yorkshire

At Host North Yorkshire, we offer two pricing options for our extensive list of holiday lets services so you can select the one that makes the most financial sense to you. What we can say, though, is that our flexible option could increase your revenue by as much as 35%. Experts in full management of holiday lets Whitby and North Yorkshire wide, we promise a first class service from advertising widely for bookings to five-star cleaning and exceptional guest satisfaction. To increase your occupancy rates, your revenue and your profitability, call us today on 01287 658 171 or contact us via our website at