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Holiday Let Management – Get The Most From Your Holiday Let

Holiday let management can be a tricky thing to navigate, even if you only have one property you want to let out. As well as ensuring that the home is always ready to let, you need to ensure that you always have a supply of suitable tenants for your holiday lets North Yorkshire wide. If you don’t market your property correctly or don’t have the time to spend on ensuring the upkeep of the property, then it is not going to make you any money of the long or short term. One way to avoid these issues, and many others, is to use the services of a management company.

Understanding The Pitfalls Of Owning Holiday Lettings

Whether you are new to buying and renting out holiday homes or are a seasoned letter looking increase your yields, there are pitfalls to owning holiday lets that you should be aware of. Many of these pitfalls can be easily remedied by working with the right holiday let management company. However, it is important to fully understand the issues that you may be faced with once you have purchased your holiday property. One of the first things you need to be aware of is the potential high turn over of guests. Unlike a traditional let where tenants live there for months or even years, a holiday let is likely to have new tenants every two weeks, every week, or even twice a week. This means a great deal more holiday house management work for you. The holiday let needs to be cleaned and checked in between guests. Repairs need to be made to keep it up to expected standards, and any breakages need to be replaced. All of this can be time-consuming as well as costly. Of course, the alternative to a high turnover from holiday letting websites and other marketing avenues is no better. If you do not get the word out about your holiday let you could find it empty for much of the year. When it is empty it is not providing you with an income. It also means that it is not covering the mortgage payments, insurances, and taxes that you need to pay regardless of whether it is being used or not.

The Benefits Of Using Holiday Letting Companies

However, the potential pitfalls of owning a holiday let should not put you off doing so. Most can be easily overcome with the right holiday management company. A skilled and experienced management company will provide cleaning and maintenance services to ensure that your holiday let is always at the expected standard. They will monitor the general wear and tear of the property and let you know when repairs need to be made or the property needs a fresh coat of paint. They will also manage bookings to ensure that the right checks are made on guests, so you do not lose out because fees are not paid, or breakages are not covered. The best holiday letting companies effectively market your property to ensure that you always have a steady stream of guests. They know how best to reach the potential guests that are right for your property. They are also able to advise you on the best type of stays and the right amenities to offer to attract the type of guests that you are looking for. This may include suggesting that you install broadband or upgrade kitchen amenities so that they are more suitable for families. High-quality management companies will also be able to deal more effectively with quiet periods. This may include changing the focus of marketing campaigns during the winter months, tying your holiday let in with local events, or using the quiet periods for more extensive refurbishments, renovations, or decorating.

Understanding Holiday Let Management Costs For Your Property

One thing that tends to put a lot of holiday property owners off using a holiday let management company is the cost. However, when weighed against the cost of the potential pitfalls of not having a management company on your side, the fees are extremely cost-effective. It is important to choose a company that is clear on their holiday let management costs and structure, and is just as clear about what you get for your money. Before you sign with a property management company ensure that they provide a clear breakdown of their packages and what is included in each one. Check what is included in the management fee that you will be paying, what is extra, and how much these extras are. Also, check what fees they charge to guests. So, if, for example, there is a breakage and the management company covers the cost of the replacement originally, whom does that cost get passed on to? Similarly, if the Internet connection fails and guests are left needing to use their data packages, who would reimburse them? It is important to know whether your management fees are the same all year round or are they only charged when you have guests staying. Does the company offer different options when it comes to how you pay your fees? Some offer packages that are similar to a guaranteed rent scheme, so you know how much is coming each month over the longer term, regardless of whether the holiday let is occupied. Host North Yorkshire is one property management company that offers a clear pricing structure and take care of all your holiday let needs. 

For The Best Holiday Let Management, Choose Host North Yorkshire

At Host North Yorkshire, we aim to take the stress and worry out of owning a holiday let. Our holiday let management team are experts and can take care of everything for you, from regular cleaning and bed changing to finding the right guests to fill your holiday let. We offer a clear pricing structure and several different packages to suit every need. To find out more about what we do and what we can do for you, visit our website at If you want to talk to a member of the team about your holiday let needs, then call us today on 01287 658 171 or email us at