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About Us

Host North Yorkshire, and our guest facing brand, Stay North Yorkshire, have been born from a love of property, a passion for the North Yorkshire coast, and a desire to lead the change in an age old industry.

We’re here to help more holiday home owners unlock the potential in their homes. With new methods for new times. With better guest experiences through technology and lightening fast response rates. All resulting in more revenue for our holiday home owners, and with less hassle due to our completely hands free service.

Back in 2004 we invested in our first property, an off plan new build home that actually went up in value before we even got hold of the keys. Days that now seem to be long gone! But capital appreciation is no longer our number one goal, and it hasn’t been for a long time. Now we focus on generating monthly cash flow from our properties, and it was this change in strategy some five or so years ago that lead us to holiday letting. Since then we have continued to grow our own portfolio with holiday letting being a key part of that portfolio.

In 2016 we began being asked to manage other holiday let properties due to the success of our own holiday let properties and our different approach to the competition – so we did! And Host North Yorkshire was born!

No we’re on a mission to make the North Yorkshire coast one of the most popular, guest centric holiday destinations in the UK – but not at the expense of holiday home owners paying high management fees and seeing very little, if any return on their investments. As investors ourselves, were here to change the game. To reset the standard. And to help property owners maximise their income, maximise their returns, and reduce their fees and their hassle.

Get started with us today – we guarantee you will not be disappointed.